anne truitt in ‘defining sculpture’ at albright-knox art gallery, new york

18 June 2016
Featuring works drawn exclusively from the Albright-Knox's Collection, 'Defining Sculpture' offers a perspective on the medium's remarkable development and hybridity from the postwar years to the present. Radically transformative Pop art sculptures by Marisol and Claes Oldenburg, inspired by Robert Rauschenberg's all-but-the-kitchen-sink Combines, join sprawling and monumental abstractions by Polly Apfelbaum, Katharina Grosse, and Tara Donovan that celebrate the glorious possibilities of color, while selected statements by contemporary sculptors provide timely points of view.

The exhibition will include Anne Truitt's ‘Damask', 1980, an acrylic on wood column sculpture.

Defining Sculpture runs from 18 June until 19 October 2016.