huma bhabha in 'contemporary locus 1' at luogo pio colleoni, bergamo, italy

27 May 2012
'Contemporary Locus' is a series of exhibitions that want to build connections between contemporary art and urban fabric, opening secret, forgotten or abandoned places in the city of Bergamo. This is realized with the intention of creating connections between contemporary art and the urban fabric, with particular attention to secret, forgotten or abandoned places in the medieval and modern city. The project, curated by Paola Tognon in collaboration with Paola Vischetti, aims to open new and temporary relationships between the expressive research of the present and the places of the past that tell stories of economic, social and religious activities. contemporary locus wants to activate and restore a dialogue between the spaces of our lives and those of history.

'Contemporary locus 1' is the first stage of the exhibition project that sees the reopening of Luogo Pio Colleoni located in the medieval Upper Town. The Luogo Pio Colleoni was founded in 1466 by the military leader Bartolomeo Colleoni, General Captain of the Army of the Republic of Venice, in order to provide poor girls with dowries and to complete and maintain the nearby Colleoni Chapel, which celebrated its perpetual officiating.

The ancient and original relationship between architecture, painting and sculpture, the history of its foundation and the role it plays today, as archive of "Bartolomeo Colleoni Institute" and storage of its artistic heritage, makes it one of the most intense secret spaces in Bergamo. The two oldest rooms, located on the groundfloor and featured by decorative artworks of great importance, are intended to accommodate the works of Huma Bhabha (1962), Pakistan artist who lives and works in New York, and Francesco Carone (1975), a Sienese artist who lives and works in his homeland.

The primitive and almost brutalist sculpture of Huma Bhabha, whose roots echo an archaic past and the harbinger of a sci-fi world, are in contrasts with the white figures of the Lombard
Renaissance sculpture of Giovanni Antonio Amadeo whose works are aligned in the first room. The rigorous narrative of frescoes dedicated to the cardinal and theological virtues in the Council Chamber contrasts with the Francesco Carone's poetic and alchemical research that aims to create a mental space suitable to receive and solicit the testimony of the past.
The presence of Bhabha and Carone in 'Contemporary Locus 1' wants to be a contemporary testimony of different cultures and artistic practices, united by a unparalleled dialogue with the
past and let down into secret spaces that open to the unexpected brightness of an ancient urban garden.

Luogo Pio della Pietà, Istituto Bartolomeo Colleoni
Via Bartolomeo Colleoni 11, Città Alta, Bergamo, Italy

The exhibition runs from 27 May to 22 July 2012.


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