huma bhabha in 'greater new york' at ps1 moma, new york

11 October 2015
Huma Bhabha is included in 'Greater New York', the fourth in the renowned collaborative series, which begun in 2000, between MoMA PS1 and The Museum of Modern Art. The exhibition showcases emerging artists living and working in the New York metropolitan area. This Greater New York arrives, however, in a city and art community that has changed dramatically since the first version of the survey. Against this backdrop, Greater New York will depart from the show's primary focus on youth, instead examining key points of connection and intersection between emerging and more established artists across New York, while also exploring aspects of earlier histories of the city itself, and its changing political, social, and architectural fabric.

The 2015 exhibition is co-organized by Peter Eleey, Curator and Associate Director of Exhibitions and Programs, MoMA PS1; art historian Douglas Crimp, University of Rochester; Thomas J. Lax, Associate Curator, Department of Media and Performance Art, MoMA; and Mia Locks, Assistant Curator, MoMA PS1.

The exhibition runs from 11 October 2015 until 7 March 2016.

Huma Bhabha at MoMA PS1