huma bhabha in 'like honey from a weed' at cass sculpture foundation, sussex, UK

26 November 2017
'The Orientalist', 2007, by Huma Bhabha is in 'Like Honey from a Weed' at Cass Sculpture Foundation, alongside work by three other important artists.

Separated by almost fifty years and disparate identities, these works speak of different times yet echo universal and transhistorical themes of terror, fascism and displacement.

'The Orientalist', cast in bronze, is reminiscent of a king or deity. Equally primitive and futuristic, Bhabha's figure is an imposing form from a fictional history. The title of the work conveys ideas of exoticism and otherness which contributes to the imagined narrative.

26 November 2017 - 25 February 2018

Huma Bhabha at CASS