huma bhabha in public art series 'sculpture in the city’ in and around square mile, london

28 June 2016
The popular public art exhibition, Sculpture in the City, returns this summer with a selection of contemporary art pieces in and around London's Square Mile.

It will include Huma Bhabha's bronze cast,‘The Orientalist', 2007, reminiscent in its authority of a king or deity. Traditional and futuristic, Bhabha's regal figure is an impressive vision from a fictional history. The title of the work conveys ideas of exoticism, which contributes to this imagined narrative. Humanised through exaggerated hands and feet and sympathetic cartoon styling, its powers waver between the comically surreal and powerful. The ambiguity of the figure impresses on the viewer the complexity of human nature - being both powerful and frail - and in this way is characteristic of Bhabha's work. Formed from clay, chicken wire, styrofoam and found objects that Bhabha skilfully manipulated into a fantastical figure before it was cast in bronze, ‘The Orientalist' is imbued with the touch of the artist.

The exhibition opens on 28 June 2016.

Huma Bhabha in Sculpture in the City.