tonico lemos auad part of curating project at museum of modern art of sÃo paulo

12 July 2013
Tonico Lemos Auad is one of a group of Brazilian artists who have chosen 40 works from the collection of the Museum of Modern Art of São Paulo for the exhibition 'Mythologies By Proxy'.

The exhibition evolved from 'Mythologies' at Cité Internationale des Arts Paris in 2011 where curators selected 22 Brazilian artists whose works explore the various mythologies and clichés associated with Brazilian culture.

Curated by Kiki Mazzucchelli and Maria do Carmo MP de Pontes, 'Mythologies By Proxy' reunites the artists from the first exhibition to select one or more works from the collection of MAM-SP.

12 July - 15 September 2013

Tonico Lemos Auad at MAM-SP