Andreas Eriksson features in the group exhibition ‘Psychotropics' at New Art Centre in Wiltshire, UK

Psychotropics is a group exhibition at New Art Centre in Wiltshire, UK curated by Iwona Blazwick, Director of the Whitechapel Gallery, curator, writer and broadcaster. The exhibition brings together contemporary artists who use innovative forms of abstraction to bridge ideas of nature and culture. Exploring both immersive engagement with materiality and the exhilaration of the virtual, the exhibition opens up a conversation about humans' relationship with the natural world.

The paintings and sculptures on display chart how physical sensation is being replaced by optical, digital experiences as people increasingly engage with reality through screens. Artists featured in the exhibition include: Salvatore Arancio, Alice Channer, Andreas Eriksson, Diane Howse, Dan Perfect, Amy Stephens, Jonathan Trayte.

25 January-22 March 2020

Andreas Eriksson at New Art Centre