Andreas Eriksson in group exhibition at Lidköping Konstförening, Sweden

Andreas Eriksson is one of six artists taking part in a select group exhibition at Lidköping Konstförening in Sweden. The exhibition features paintings, sculpture, photography and video works by five Swedish artists, all of who have previously exhibited at Lidköping and return to showcase their work to an increasingly growing and receptive local audience.

Andreas Eriksson's artistic practice is highly expansive, encompassing a wide range of different media, including painting, photography, sculpture and installation. Eriksson's works often appear quiet and understated; yet they are belied by a poetry and deep-seated significance, which has a lasting effect on the spectator. Eriksson's work often embraces dualities such as inside and outside, lightness and heaviness, illusion and reality. His work hovers enigmatically between the abstract and the figurative, creating a window onto the outside world, which is simultaneously familiar and mysterious. The emotional intensity with which Eriksson imbues his work is the result of a sustained investigation into charting his own reactions to the natural world that surrounds him.

The exhibition runs from 7 - 29 May 2016.

Andreas Eriksson at Lidköping Konstförening.