Andreas Eriksson in two-person exhibition at the Estate Michel Majerus, Berlin, Germany

On the occasion of the Berlin Art Week, gallery artist Andreas Eriksson will have an exhibition at the Estate Michel Majerus, Berlin, Germany. Entitled 'To Levitate in Painting', Eriksson sets his own works in dialogue with selected pieces by German painter Michel Majerus and presents a surprising take on different approaches to painting.

Andreas Eriksson works conceptually across a range of different media, such as painting, photography, sculpture and installation. For his exhibition in Michel Majerus' former studio, Andreas Eriksson takes up two characteristic motives in the artist's oeuvre by presenting two floor installations - a mirror surface and a metal floor. Furthermore, he shows MoM Block Nr. 37 from 1998, a painting by Majerus referencing the abstract painting practice of Gerhard Richter. He juxtaposes this selection with a group of his own casts of molehills. With this reduced and radical orchestration Eriksson provokes the question of the essence of painting: for Eriksson painting is an expression of one's own perception. The exhibition presents different possibilities in painting, and shows Eriksson's confident handling of something Other, which fascinates him as a complementary extension of his own perception.

The exhibition runs from 18 - 22 September 2013.

Andreas Eriksson at Estate Michel Majerus, Berlin.