Claire Barclay exhibits new print-making at Edinburgh College of Art, Scotland, UK

Claire Barclay presents a selection of new work made during her Residency at Edinburgh College of Art, Scotland in the Sculpture Court of the Main Building of the ECA. The exhibition showcases the artist's new work in print making. Hovering between the organic and geometric, these works reveal similar concerns to her work in sculpture. 

Scotland-born artist Claire Barclay has undertaken a Residency at Edinburgh College of Art (ECA), Scotland, UK for the duration of the 2018–2019 academic year. During the Residency, Barclay has explorde a number of themes that relate to her exploration of the University Collections. The Residency also marks the first time that Barclay has used the letterpress to produce work. Whilst developing her own practice, Barclay has also been involved in teaching students, which she has described as "a great opportunity to create two-way dialogues and explore alternative approaches to learning". 

7–11 October 2019

Claire Barclay at University of Edinburgh