Claire Barclay in 'Strange Foreign Bodies' at The Hunterian, Glasgow, UK.

28 September 2018
Taking William Hunter's Tercentenary as its point of departure, this exhibition offers a 21st century perspective on Hunter's Enlightenment project. Examining themes of mutation, metamorphosis, and technological manipulation, the show explores the meaning of human embodiment today.

Featuring artists such as Claire Barclay, Christine Borland, Sarah Browne, Alex Impey and Phillip Warnell, the exhibition displays a variety of media, from film to print and sculpture.

We encounter the story of a woman who has turned into an octopus, the philosophical reflections of a heart transplant patient, and the simulated breathing of an animatronic medical mannequin. These ‘strange foreign bodies' offer compelling insights into empirical experience today.

28 September 2018 - 13 January 2019

Claire Barclay at the Hunterian, Glasgow