'Claire Barclay: Overworkings' At Touchstones Rochdale In Greater Manchester, UK

Following Touchstones Rochdale 2012 acquisition of Claire Barclay's sculpture ‘Perching Two', 2008, presented by the Contemporary Art Society with support from The Art Fund, this exhibition will show that work alongside the new work she has produced.

Born in 1968, Barclay is a major figure within the generation of Scottish artists who came out of the Glasgow School of Art in the 1990s and helped establish the city as a serious centre of contemporary art. Barclay was also one of three artists to represent Scotland for its first showing at the Venice Biennale in 2003.

Barclay‘s work is typically large in scale and interventionist in ambition, taking the form of installations made in situ and in response to the space in which they are shown. For this exhibition at Touchstones Rochdale in association with Stephen Friedman Gallery, she has made an extensive new body of work that includes printmaking and sculptures, taking inspiration from but not directly reflecting the museum's collection. Before the exhibition opens, Barclay will transform the gallery space into her own studio as she assembles the smaller crafted objects she has created into larger sculptural pieces.

Speaking at the launch, Claire said: "To some extent the work for this show has been triggered by thinking about the industrial heritage of the Rochdale Borough. I am delighted to be able to showcase my work here at the Rochdale Art Gallery and thank you to the Gallery team for making me feel so welcome."

The exhibition runs from 28 March until 13 June 2015.

Claire Barclay at Touchstones Rochdale.