Animations by David Shrigley in 'Ordinary / Extra / Ordinary' at The Public, West Bromwich, UK

2013 Turner Prize nominee, David Shrigley, is perhaps best known for his humorous drawings and hand written texts that make witty and wry observations on the human condition. Shrigley is also an accomplished animator and three of his animations are included in the group exhibition Ordinary / Extra / Ordinary at The Public, West Bromwich.

The three animations on show are Light Switch, in which a figure endlessly flips a light switch on and off; Laundry, where Shrigley turns a surreal visit to the launderette into an allegory about authority and resistance; and Conveyor Belt, a depiction of characters and objects passing by eventually to fall into a skip marked 'STUFF'.

Ordinary / Extra / Ordinary, curated by David Thorp, has its origins in the idea that The Public is a place where visitors can encounter contemporary art that is accessible and which resonates with the familiar but extends and challenges perception at the same time. Rather than preaching about the value of art it celebrates the vitality, diversity and humour that art can embody.

The artists exhibiting have taken their inspiration from the grass roots of culture, from their own experiences in early life, folk and street art, politics and urban decay. Between them they ask questions about the globalisation of culture and the alienating effects of modern life which in different ways they counter by showing how creativity affirms the power of the individual.

Alongside gallery artist David Shrigley, featured artists include Jeremy Deller and Alan Kane, Tracey Emin, Martin Creed, Doug Fishbone and more.

The exhibition runs from 15 May to 29 September 2013.

David Shrigley at The Public, West Bromwich.