David Shrigley Animations feature in 'Old School' at Kunsthalle Zu Kiel, Kiel, Germany

Gallery artist and Turner Prize nominee David Shrigley has two animated videos on display at Old School, a group exhibition at Kunsthalle zu Kiel in Kiel, Germany.

Old School looks at how art, as well as other areas of life, is returning to old techniques and technologies as well as the visual effects and appearances of the past. The range of exhibits includes miniature paintings and traditional paint production methods as much as the use of long-outdated technical tools and new interpretations of motifs taken from art of the past.

The exhibition will include two animations by David Shrigley that deal in some level with notions of 'past'. 'The Door' 2007 depicts someone looking back into their past. A young boy questions where he came from and is told he came out of his mother by a 'small door'. In 'The Artist' 2012 Shrigley as an artist himself looks into the art historical past. He shows a painter at his easel whilst a model sits naked, uncomfortably shifting her weight from one side to the other. Shrigley refers to painterly traditions thought to be more a thing of the past.

The exhibition will run from 27 September 2013 - 26 January 2014.

David Shrigley at Kunsthalle zu Kiel, Germany.