David Shrigley at the Folkstone Triennial 2017, Folkstone, Kent, UK

David Shrigley is one of the commissioned artists at the fourth edition of the Folkestone Triennial. The curator Lewis Biggs invites artists to respond to the theme of double edge, described as a further inquiry into "sense of place" first explored in the 2014 Triennial.

Shrigley's proposal is to take a piece of ‘heritage' appreciated by visitors and re-produce it as a signifier of creativity. The artwork plays with a number of clichés: the ‘draw' of heritage sites; the images we make when we visit them; how our memories diverge from ‘reality'; the value that we place on ‘originality', ‘authenticity' and ‘heritage' and how these can be subverted or revived by a contemporary creative twist.

2 September - 5 November 2017

David Shrigley at Folkestone Triennial