David Shrigley: ‘Don't (No Lo Hagas)’ at Museo de Arte Carrillo Gil, Mexico City

Don't (No Lo Hagas) is a solo exhibition by David Shrigley at Museo de Arte Carrillo Gil, organised in collaboration with Fundación Amparo y Manuel (AMMA). Encompassing a wide range of media, the exhibition brings together important pieces from the British artist's career.

Showcasing Shrigley's caustic sense of humour, the exhibition includes works from the series ‘Life Drawings'. Depicting a nude model in scenes from everyday life, these quick-witted drawings are often accompanied by hand rendered texts, which are translated for the local audience.

Also presented is a new iteration of the installation 'Beginning, Middle and End'. This work dominates one room of the exhibition, created anew by the artist with the help of a team of volunteers. Meanwhile a new work in vibrant neon ‘Esposición' (a deliberate mispelling) toys with expectations of the artist's role. A neon sign rendered in Shrigley's distinctive handwriting, the work contradicts expectations of credibility with a deadpan comic effect.

22 June-29 September 2019

David Shrigley at Museo de Arte Carrillo Gil