David Shrigley in 'Alice in Crisis' at Dio Horia Gallery, Mykanos, Greece

David Shrigley partakes in a unique group show which takes the form of an 'Alice in Wonderland styled' crisis escape town that is populated by anthropomorphic creatures, rabbit holes, peculiar airplanes, nonsense balloons and so on. The aim of the show is to put emphasis on the small occurrences where ideas, actions and various forms of pleasurable releases occur, even in times where people are subjected to the pressures and strains of contemporary life. Other participating artists include Cornelia Baltes, Maja Djordjevic and Ugo Rondinone, amongst others. The exhibition is curated by Marina Vranopoulou.

The exhibition runs from 27 May until 22 June 2016.

David Shrigley at Dio Horia Gallery