David Shrigley in ‘Imagine a World Where The Opposite of Light Is not Dark’ at the Zona Sztuki Aktualnej Gallery, Szczecin, Poland

11 October 2018
David Shrigley features in ‘Imagine a world where the opposite is not dark', an exhibition in which light plays and central role. Exploring the behaviour of light through scientific experiment, and delving into its philosophical and religious connotations, artists throughout history have made light the core of their practice. In this exhibition, light is treated as an artistic medium, a tool, and as an abstract concept. A site of struggle for equality of access, and at the forefront of debates about clean energy, light is above all revealed as a mercurial substance with hard, concrete consequences.

The exhibition features David Shrigley's short animation, 'Light Switch', 2007.

11 October - 10 November 2018

David Shrigley At Zona Sztuki Aktualnej Gallery