Ilona Keserü and Anne Truitt in 'Epic Abstraction: Pollock to Herrera' at The Met Fifth Avenue, New York, USA

17 December 2018
Featuring work from the 1940s to the present day, 'Epic Abstraction: Pollock to Herrera' explores large-scale abstract painting, sculpture and assemblage. Iconic pieces from The Met collection are shown in conversation with works by international artists such as Ilona Keserü and Anne Truitt.

‘In the Tower: Anne Truitt’ at National Gallery of Art, Washington, USA

19 November 2017
Anne Truitt was one of the leading figures associated with minimalism and was unique in remaining a traditional studio artist. Where artists such as Donald Judd (1928-1994) and Carl Andre (b.1935) abandoned the studio and enlisted industrial fabrication and materials, Truitt painted and sanded her wood sculptures by hand. While many minimalists favoured neutral tones, Truitt, in order to suffuse her work with memory and fe...

DIA Foundation Exhibit Acquisition of Six Major Works by Anne Truitt, DIA: Beacon, New York, USA

5 May 2017
Six major works by Anne Truitt acquired by DIA Art Foundation will go on long-term view from May 2017. The five sculptures and one painting belonged to the estate of the artist, who died in 2004, and have been selected to show together in a grouping that represents significant developments in Truitt's work between 1962 and 1974.

Anne Truitt in 'Making Space: Women Artists and Postwar Abstraction' at the Museum of Modern Art, New York, USA

13 April 2017
'Making Space' looks at the achievements of women artists between the end of World War II (1945) and the start of the Feminist movement (around 1968). Drawn entirely from the Museum's collection, the exhibition features nearly 100 paintings, including the reductive abstractions of Anne Truitt.

'Anne Truitt: Intersections' at Baltimore Museum of Art, Baltimore, USA

23 October 2016
Five sculptural towers of colour by the acclaimed artist Anne Truitt (1921-2004, American) are on view adjacent to the BMA's Asian and African art collections. This juxtaposition, as well as brief in-gallery essays by the BMA's curators of contemporary, Asian, and African art, invite visitors to contemplate the ways in which essential visual elements such as colour and shape transcend time and geography.

Anne Truitt in 'Defining Sculpture' at Albright-Knox Art Gallery, New York, USA

18 June 2016
Featuring works drawn exclusively from the Albright-Knox's Collection, 'Defining Sculpture' offers a perspective on the medium's remarkable development and hybridity from the postwar years to the present. Radically transformative Pop art sculptures by Marisol and Claes Oldenburg, inspired by Robert Rauschenberg's all-but-the-kitchen-sink Combines, join sprawling and monumental abstractions by Polly Apfelbaum, Katharina Grosse, and Tara Donovan that celebrate the glorious possibilities of color, while selected statements by contemporary sculptors provide timely points of view.

Anne Truitt in 'Visions of US: American Art at NOMA' at New Orleans Museum of Art, Louisiana, USA

14 November 2015
American art, with a particular emphasis on artists working in Louisiana and the South, has long been one of NOMA's key collection strengths. Visions of US is the first exhibition in NOMA's history to highlight the full breadth of this extraordinary American art collection, and the first major American art exhibition in the country to place the work of acclaimed American artists from the Northeast like Jonathan Singleton Copley, Georgia O'Keeffe, Jackson Pollock and Frank Stella alongside that of their lesser-known counterparts from the South and West like Alfred Boisseau, Josephine Crawford, Sam Francis and John T. Scott.

Anne Truitt in Group Exhibition, 'For Troedsson Villa' at Troedsson Villa in Nikko, Japan

28 March 2015
Currently a private residence, this spring the house will be open to the public on the weekends. During this time it will serve as the site of an exhibition of works by contemporary artists from the US, Europe and Japan, organised by Anne Eastman and Tam Ochiai. The LA-based artist Amy Yao will also curate a concurrent group show in the kitchen of the house, which will serve as a project space.

Anne Truitt in 'Art at the Center: 75 Years of Walker Collections' at Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, USA

1 October 2014
In 2015, the Walker will celebrate the 75th anniversary of its founding as a public art centre dedicated to presenting and collecting the art of our times. Curated by the Walker's executive director Olga Viso and guest curator Joan Rothfuss, the exhibition looks at 75 years of collecting at the Walker-a history distinguished not only by bold and often risk-taking choices but also acquisitions that have consistently breached the boundaries of media or disciplines.

Anne Truitt at the Academy Art Museum, Maryland, USA

16 November 2013
Writing in April, 1965, Truitt stated: "What is important to me in not geometrical shape per se, or color per se, but to make a relationship between shape and color which feels to me like my experience. To make what feels to me like reality." (Private papers.). The exhibition includes paintings Summer '88 No. 25, Hesperides (1989), the drawing Summer '96 No. 26, and her sculpture Moon Lily, an excellent example of her mature, minimalistic work.

Anne Truitt in 'The Geometric Unconscious' at the Sheldon Museum of Art, Nebraska, USA

5 October 2012
This exhibition, featuring gallery artist Anne Truitt, showcases the broad scope of geometric abstraction artwork in Sheldon's collection. The works in The Geometric Unconscious span a period of more than 100 years and prompted a rethinking of geometric abstraction with a special interest in the unconscious that feeds this kind of modern art.

Anne Truitt in 'Raum der Linie - Line and Space' at Museum Wiesbaden, Germany

12 July 2012
Museum Wiesbaden presents a concise selection of predominantly American artists, including gallery artist Anne Truitt, from the 1960s and 70s from a Munich private collection. The unique quality of the collection is the juxtaposition of concentrated bundles that enable most of the artistic reflections to illustrate more understandably on the way to their respective own position and statement. The exhibition in the Museum Wiesbaden opens on Thursday, 12th July and the works can be seen from then until 7th October as part of "Line and Space".

Anne Truitt in Group Exhibition at Parasol Unit, London, UK

29 February 2012
Works Anne Truitt feature in the exhibition Lines of Thought at Parasol Unit, London. The exhibition explores the work of a total of 15 contemporary artists, whose practice has focused in particular on using line in creatively challenging ways. With works representing different generations, it is remarkable to observe how the meaning and use of line varies from one artist to another.

Anne Truitt in 'The Long Curve: 150 Years of Visionary Collecting at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, New York, USA

4 November 2011
Featuring eighty stellar paintings and sculptures by more than seventy artists from the late nineteenth century to the present, 'The Long Curve: 150 Years of Visionary Collecting' at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery will kick off a year-long celebration of the institution's 150th anniversary. The first major exhibition of artwork from the museum's Collection organized to tour nationally, The Long Curve highlights the history of the Albright-Knox Art Gallery's extraordinary Collection by focusing on the pioneering benefactors and museum professionals who made it possible.

Anne Truitt: Luminosities at Delaware Art Museum

15 October 2011
Drawn primarily from the Museum's permanent collection, this exhibition features sculpture and works on paper by the artist Anne Truitt. Most closely aligned with Minimalism and the Washington, D.C.-based Color Field painters, the artist is considered an important figure of American abstraction and was the subject of a major exhibition in 2009 at the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden. Truitt's work explores the subtleties of light and color thr...