Ilona Keserü and Anne Truitt in 'Epic Abstraction: Pollock to Herrera' at The Met Fifth Avenue, New York, USA

In the wake of unprecedented destruction and loss of life during World War II, artists working in the 1940s abandoned traditional easel painting and figurative sculpture as inadequate to convey human experience. In this context, they began to employ abstract styles as a way of evoking contemporary states of being. Many of the artists represented in ‘Epic Abstraction' also worked in large formats in order to explore aesthetic elements of colour, form and texture but also to evoke expansive- "epic" - ideas and subjects, such as time, history, nature, the body, and existential concerns of the self.

Extending from the 1940s into the 21st century, the exhibition explores large-scale abstract painting, sculpture, and assemblage through more than 50 works from The Met collection, a selection of loans, gifts and new acquisitions. Iconic works from The Met collection, such as Jackson Pollock's classic "drip" painting Autumn Rhythm (1950) and Louise Nevelson's monumental Mrs. N's Palace (1964-77) will be shown in conversation with works by international artists such as Ilona Keserü and works by the next generation of artists, including Anne Truitt, who tamed the high pitched emotionalism of Abstract Expressionism by working with Minimalist styles.

17 December 2018 - ongoing

Ilona Keserü and Anne Truitt at The Met Fifth Avenue