‘In the Tower: Anne Truitt’ at National Gallery of Art, Washington, USA

19 November 2017
Anne Truitt was one of the leading figures associated with minimalism and was unique in remaining a traditional studio artist. Where artists such as Donald Judd (1928-1994) and Carl Andre (b.1935) abandoned the studio and enlisted industrial fabrication and materials, Truitt painted and sanded her wood sculptures by hand. While many minimalists favoured neutral tones, Truitt, in order to suffuse her work with memory and feeling, developed a daring palette that ranged from deep reds and blacks to pale yellows and lavenders. This exhibition, a survey of Truitt's sculpture, painting, and works on paper from 1961 to 2002, traces the career of an artist who developed her work quietly and independently in Washington.

19 November 2017–1 April 2018

Anne Truitt at National Gallery of Art, Washington