Jiro Takamatsu: The Temperature of Sculpture' at Henry Moore Institute, Leeds, UK

The Temperature of Sculpture is the first institutional solo exhibition of Jiro Takamatsu (1936-1998) outside of Japan, presenting over seventy works made between 1961 and 1977.

Takamatsu is considered to be one of the most important Japanese artists of the post-war era. A founding member of the collective Hi Red Center and key figure of the Mono-ha (School of Things) movement, Takamatsu, over the four decades of his career, sought to explore the boundaries of reality and relationships with the physical world through a diverse body of work including sculpture, photography, painting, drawing and performance art.

The exhibition will include works from important series including Point (1961-1964), String (1962-1998), Happenings and Events (1962-1965), Shadow (1964-1998) and Perspective (1966-1971).

13 July - 22 October 2017

Jiro Takamatsu at Henry Moore Institute