Ged Quinn in 'Beyond Reality, British Painting Today', the Galerie Rudolfinum in Prague, Czech Republic

Under the title 'Beyond Reality, British Painting Today', the Galerie Rudolfinum in Prague is organising a large representative overview of contemporary British art. The exhibition will present the works of the twelve important artists of the younger and middle generations currently active in Great Britain.

The exhibition will premiere in Prague and will run from 4 October to 30 December 2012 at Galerie Rudolfinum. A catalogue will be issued alongside the exhibition containing essays by author Milena Slavická, who had the idea for the exhibition, and the exhibition's curator Peter Nedoma. The catalogue will also include pictures of all of the exhibited works.

The Galerie Rudolfinum education department is preparing a series of accompanying programs for the exhibition, which it will offer as interpretative information from the mouth of curators and art historians, as well as testimonies from the artists themselves. A separate event will be an educational program for schools of all levels, which will include worksheets, workshops and lectures within the exhibition.

Participating artists:
Jason Brooks
Glenn Brown
Jake & Dinos Chapman
Marie Harnett
Damien Hirst
Ben Johnson
Hynek Martinec
Ged Quinn
Keith Tyson
Jonathan Wateridge
Mathew Weir

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