Ged Quinn in conversation with Marquard Smith for Paintingresearch at Wimbledon College of Arts, London, UK

Paintingresearch is a group of researchers based at #WimbledonCollegeofArts who aim to demonstrate the strength of collaborative endeavour through their teaching practices. In order to activate fruitful debate, the group selects a single, annual research theme based on prevalences that its members witness in students' painting. This year, the group investigates the theme of ‘Ruin' as a recording of a non-fixed and transitory state determined by circumstance, environment, politics and nature.

Ged Quinn in conversation with Marquard Smith is part of a programme of speakers, residencies and panels organised to explore this year's theme. In the meticulously executed paintings of Ged Quinn, a complex and challenging form of ‘ruin' can be seen to take hold. Under the artist's hand, the pastoral landscape and the domestic still life are transformed from the familiar to the fantastic. Drawing together a raucous collage of elements from Western cultural history, mythology, philosophy and the imagination, Quinn challenges and plays with preconceived notions of beauty and art.

31 January 2019, 5pm