Ged Quinn in 'Synthetic Landscapes' at Meadow Arts, Weston Park, Shienal, UK

In 'Synthetic Landscapes' artists engage with Weston Park and its history, responding to ‘Capability' Brown's grand landscapes and James Paine's architecture. In this part of the West Midlands, two radically different visions of man-made landscapes collide; on the one hand, the idealised landscaped garden magnificently expressed at Weston, on the other, the emerging industrial landscape.

'Synthetic Landscapes' takes place across Shrewsbury Museum & Art Gallery and at Meadow Arts where Ged Quinn's large-scale painting ‘Events Arrive on Doves' Feet', 2014, will go on display.

The exhibition runs from 4 June - 3 September 2017

Ged Quinn at Meadow Arts