High definition digital film
Running time:
3 hrs 37 mins continuous loop
Edition of 5 

This interactive performance film documents the arduous making, by Rubell and Twilley, of the ‘Brad Jones' portraits. Here we are invited to approach the work with the same honesty and openness with which the sitter participated in the painting sessions it records. The viewer's exposure and sense of both liberation and vulnerability mirrors Rubell's own experience of posing, creating the possibility of the double self-portr...

Jennifer Rubell 'Portrait of the Artist' at Frieze London 2013

Stephen Friedman Gallery is delighted to announce its Frieze London 2013 presentation: a new interactive and autobiographical sculpture by American artist Jennifer Rubell.

At eight months pregnant, Rubell posed naked in a traditional odalisque position on a white plinth in the centre of her Brooklyn studio whilst technicians digitally scanned the surface of her entire body. The scan was digitised and her large belly was carved out of the three-dimens...