Jennifer Rubell Creates Installation for SCAD Museum of Art, Georgia.

Gallery artist Jennifer Rubell has created an installation for SCAD Museum of Art, Georgia.

Rubell creates participatory artwork that is a hybrid of performance art, installation and happenings. The work, titled "Free" is a site-specific installation and was inspired by Rubell's recent visit to Savannah as well as a broad range of ideas from communion and the Annunciation to Le Corbusier's church at Ronchamp, artists Mark Rothko and Donald Judd, and Hans Namuth's film of Jackson Pollock painting. By situating a delectable and poetic presentation of local Savannah honey and homemade biscuits within a specially designed sculpture into which visitors enter, Rubell surrounds visitors in a moment of divine presence.

The exhibition runs from 19 to 24 February 2013.

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