jim hodges features in group exhibition ‘with a capital p’ at elmhurst art museum

11 May 2019
‘With a Capital P' explores the huge variety of contemporary artistic practices that do not involve paint or a brush. The exhibition, which spans six rooms of Elmhurst Art Museum, aims to encourage conversation about the possibilities that have been opened up by an innovative selection and use of media. Curated by six local painters Leslie Baum, Magalie Guérin, José Lerma, Nancy Mladenoff, Suellen Rocca, and Kay Rosen, the exhibition focusses on artists based in the Midwest and surrounding regio

'unearthed' by jim hodges goes on display at grace cathedral, san francisco, USA

22 April 2019
'Unearthed' by Jim Hodges is a monumental tree stump with its roots pulled from the ground. Cast in bronze with a black patina, the unearthed object hovers between worlds; a temporary, lingering place - a purgatory space, and a suspended inert state. During a four month period of display, the sculpture will undergo a process of gradual transformation. The work will first be presented standing tall on its roots. The trunk's bronze roots will then be buried in the earth, and the trunk gilded in 24-carat gold.

jim hodges in 'converge 45 – you in mind’, portland, oregon, USA

9 August 2017
Converge 45 brings together artists, curators and collectors for its second year of programming. Building on the Artists' Congress in 2016, which included 21 artists from across the US, Director Kristy Edmunds presents new and existing works by these artists.

9 - 12 August 2017

Jim Hodges at Converge 45

'jim hodges: with liberty and justice for all (a work in progress)', at contemporary austin, texas, USA

17 December 2016
Jim Hodges' 'With Liberty and Justice for All (A Work in Progress)', 2014, consists of the title's words "With Liberty and Justice for All" spelled out in seven-foot-tall letters spanning two sides of The Contemporary Austin's Moody Rooftop at the Jones Center. The letters' iridescent, mirrored surfaces oscillate between blues, purples, oranges, and pinks, reflecting the environment around them....

jim hodges installation at the 20th anniversary of site santa fe, new mexico

24 October 2015
The third installment of SITE's 20th Anniversary series will include an installation by American artist Jim Hodges, alongside Janet Cardiff George Bures Miller and Susan Silton. In 1997 SITE Santa Fe presented Jim Hodges's solo exhibition No Betweens and More curated by Louis Grachos. This exhibition was anchored by the monumental work No Betweens, a large colorful curtain composed of the petals and leaves of hundreds of s...

jim hodges in group exhibition 'space between' at flag art foundation

3 June 2015
Jim Hodges is included in the group exhibition 'Space Between' at FLAG Art Foundation, New York, USA, curated by Luis Grachos and Stephanie Roach. The exhibition investigates the legacy and influence of abstraction on Western art, presenting a selection of artists that enter into a conversation on history, process, and form. Many of the works included within the exhibition defy simple classification, asserting the richness of the physical territory between painting and sculpture, as well as the emotive and evocative possibilities of colour and line.

jim hodges in ‘flying over the abyss’ presented by neon at museum of contemporary art, crete

2 May 2015
Jim Hodges has work included in ‘Flying over the Abyss', an exhibition presented by NEON in collaboration with the Museum of Contemporary Art of Crete. CAC's Director, Maria Marangou is co-curating the show with Dimitris Paleocrassas. The selection of the participating artists, both international and Greek, is influenced by ‘Ascesis: The Saviors of Gods' (Ασκητική), the spiritual exercises written by the ren...

'jim hodges: give more than you take’ travels to hammer museum, los angeles

3 October 2014
'Jim Hodges: Give More Than You Take' travels to Hammer Museum in Los Angeles. This major touring exhibition is the first comprehensive survey to be organized in the United States on the work of contemporary American artist Jim Hodges. Co-organized by the Dallas Museum of Art and the Walker Art Center, the exhibition explores the trajectory of the artist's twenty-five-year career, highlighting the major themes that unify h...

jim hodges in ‘now-ism: abstraction today’ at pizzuti collection in ohio

6 September 2014
Jim Hodges features at the Pizzuti Collection group show 'NOW-ISM: Abstraction Today', a thought-provoking exhibition of twenty-first century painting, sculpture, video and furnishings representing the newest abstract work from today's best artists. NOW-ISM features international emerging stars like Sarah Cain, Diana Al-Hadid and Florian Meisenberg and established artists including Columbus' own art star Ann Hamilton, Jim...

jim hodges text-based work installed for new building at aspen art museum

9 August 2014
A new text-based work from gallery artist Jim Hodges is to adorn the exterior of the new Aspen Art Museum.

With a history of creating text-based art, New York-based artist Jim Hodges's practice exemplifies the power of a simple gesture. With Liberty and Justice For All is a new outdoor text-based sculpture that wraps around the building, acting as an armature. Like many of Hodges's works, With Liberty and Justice For All allows...

dallas museum of art to screen a jim hodges film

26 October 2013
A film made by gallery artist Jim Hodges in collaboration with Encke King and Carlos Marques da Cruz, Untitled begins with a reflection on the early AIDS epidemic. Following a nonlinear narrative, the film brings together mainstream network news, activist footage, artists' works, and popular entertainment, referencing regimes of power that precipitated a generation of AIDS and queer activism and continues today with international struggles for freedo...

jim hodges in group exhibition 'something about a tree' at flag art foundation, new york

10 July 2013
Jim Hodges 'London II (pink and blue)' (2006-2009) features in the current group exhibition at Flag Art Foundation in New York.

There really is something about a tree. Trees have as many shapes and sizes as human bodies. As figures in a landscape, they represent the human condition-psychological as well as physical-perhaps better than any other structure in nature. They have hundreds if not thousands of representa...

jim hodges in group exhibition at hirshhorn museum, washington d.c., USA

18 April 2013
Jim Hodges is included in a group exhibition at the Hirschhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden in Washington D.C, USA. The exhibition ‘Over, Under, Next: Experiments in Mixed Media, 1913 - Present' explores the ways that collage and assemblage have evolved over the last century.

Butterfly wings, glass shards, doll parts, crumpled automotive metal, jigsaw puzzle pieces, clothing, straight pins, furniture, and colored sand-these are j...

jim hodges and rivane neuenschwander to paticipate in group exhibition at the ackland museum

1 February 2013
Stephen Friedman Gallery are delighted to announce that Jim Hodges and Rivane Neuenschwander will be participating in a group exhibition entitled ‘More Love: Art, Politics, and Sharing since the 1990s' at The Ackland Art Museum, North Carolina. This is the first major exhibition to investigate the ways in which contemporary artists have addressed love as a political force, as a philosophical model for equit...

jim hodges in 'shock of the news' at the national gallery of art, washington d.c.

23 September 2012
In 1909 F. T. Marinetti's futurist manifesto appeared on the front page of Le Figaro, and less than four years later Pablo Picasso incorporated a fragment of real newspaper into a work of art. The modern mass-media newspaper had colonized fine art. The exhibition at the National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C. examines the many manifestations of the "newspaper phenomenon" from 1909 to 2009, a century during which ...

jim hodges 'untitled' to be installed at walker arts centre, minneapolis

3 April 2012
Jim Hodges' 'Untitled' 2011 will be installed on the Walker Art Centre's green space in April 2012. This purchase precedes Hodges' 2014 survey show at the same venue, co-organized by the Dallas Museum of Art, and upcoming anniversary of the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden in 2013.

This major new outdoor sculpture is a grouping of massive boulders arranged in a circle on a field. Each piece is faced with a layer of high-polished stai...

jim hodges at camden arts centre, london

11 June 2010
The Camden Arts Centre in London is currently showing an exhibition of works by Jim Hodges until 5 September 2010.

The exhibition was organised in collaboration with Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa, Venice, Italy and Centre Pompidou Paris, Musée national d'Art Moderne.

For more information, see the Camden Arts Centre's website: