Jim Hodges and Rivane Neuenschwander to Participate in Group Exhibition at the Ackland Art Museum, North Carolina, USA

Stephen Friedman Gallery are delighted to announce that Jim Hodges and Rivane Neuenschwander will be participating in a group exhibition entitled ‘More Love: Art, Politics, and Sharing since the 1990s' at The Ackland Art Museum, North Carolina. This is the first major exhibition to investigate the ways in which contemporary artists have addressed love as a political force, as a philosophical model for equitable knowledge exchange, and as social interaction within a rapidly changing landscape of technology and social media.

Organized by consulting curator Claire Schneider, ‘More Love: Art, Politics, and Sharing since the 1990s' includes nearly 50 works of art that actively engage with love and the many ways it can be expressed through beauty, emotion, humor, texts, elaborate craft, sound environments, and interactive projects. For each of the artists in the exhibition, love is a significant tool or strategy that constitutes a creative practice built on generosity, inclusiveness, sharing, and questioning. These artists invite, enact, and reflect on multiple modes of expression, among them through touch, gifts, acts of service, and language.

More Love's inspiration comes from the work of Felix Gonzalez-Torres, the pioneering figure who profoundly reworked the viewer's relationship to the art object by dismantling the restrictions imposed on the artist, the viewer, and the object in traditional installations.

The exhibition runs from 1 February 2013 - 31 March 2013

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