Jim Hodges in Group Exhibition 'Something About a Tree' at Flag Art Foundation, New York, USA

Jim Hodges 'London II (pink and blue)' (2006-2009) features in the current group exhibition at Flag Art Foundation in New York.

There really is something about a tree. Trees have as many shapes and sizes as human bodies. As figures in a landscape, they represent the human condition-psychological as well as physical-perhaps better than any other structure in nature. They have hundreds if not thousands of representations by artists of many stripes, who have branched out in every medium. On the 9th floor, Something about a Tree offers 51 examples selected by Linda Yablonsky.

Several works in the exhibition, including those by Oscar Tuazon, Robert Longo, Cyprien Gaillard, Ugo Rondinone, Jim Lambie, Amir Zaki, Georgie Hopton, Peter Schlesinger and Michael Stipe are new or making their first appearance in New York.

The exhibition runs until 7 September 2013.

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