Jim Hodges Text-Based Work Installed for New Building at Aspen Art Museum, Colorado, USA

A new text-based work from gallery artist Jim Hodges is to adorn the exterior of the new Aspen Art Museum.

With a history of creating text-based art, New York-based artist Jim Hodges's practice exemplifies the power of a simple gesture. With Liberty and Justice For All is a new outdoor text-based sculpture that wraps around the building, acting as an armature. Like many of Hodges's works, With Liberty and Justice For All allows the viewer to ponder their personal relationship to a familiar yet powerfully charged philosophical notion. With Liberty... is a poignant meditation on the current state of society, a gesture that reminds us of our relationship to power, politics, and change.

The work will be installed from 9 August 2014 until 4 January 2015.

Jim Hodges at Aspen Art Museum.