Jim Hodges 'Untitled' to be Installed at Walker Arts Centre, Minneapolis, USA

Jim Hodges' 'Untitled' 2011 will be installed on the Walker Art Centre's green space in April 2012. This purchase precedes Hodges' 2014 survey show at the same venue, co-organized by the Dallas Museum of Art, and upcoming anniversary of the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden in 2013.

This major new outdoor sculpture is a grouping of massive boulders arranged in a circle on a field. Each piece is faced with a layer of high-polished stainless steel in a different color -pink, blue, gold and lavender - evoking the rich hues he saw throughout his travels in India, which have also been prevalent in work throughout his career. This group of boulders will be situated in a natural landscape and positioned so that visitors can walk around and between them, activating the interplay of natural light with their movements and participating in the subtle cacophonies of color and reflections created. These colorful monoliths are ideal for the campus as a companion to James Turrell's Sky Pesher, 2005, a sky-viewing chamber commissioned for the Walker expansion.