Jonathan Baldock is included in ‘Hyper Mesh’ at Assembly Point, London, UK

Hyper Mesh is a group exhibition curated by Alice Bonnot that brings together new work by eight international artists including Jonathan Baldock, Pauline Bastard, fleuryfontaine, Holly Hendry, Jessie Makinson, Morgan Wills and Fani Parali. Comprised of painting, sculpture, moving image, and performance, the exhibition explores contemporary notions of identity and how individual identities are constructed and continually re-imagined.

Hyper Mesh takes the concept of ‘Mesh' in relation to the theories developed by eco-theorist and philosopher Timothy Morton, who pioneered the principle of interconnecte systems in life forms. Morton's research proposes that beings of different kinds including human, animal, vegetable and mineral are connected and coexist within the same network structures - a mesh that is infinite and beyond concept. Inspired by the idea of an interconnected network, Hyper Mesh offers multiple interpretations of identity, from the geological to the administrative, the personal to the global.

18 January-23 February 2019

Jonathan Baldock at Assembly Point