Juan Araujo to give presentation as part of the 5th Edition of the Fundacion Cisneros Seminar, Asociación Cultural Humboldt in Caracas, Venezuela

16 October 2015
Venezuelan artist Juan Araujo is to give a presentation at the Asociación Cultural Humboldt in Caracas, Venezuela, as part of the fifth edition of the Fundación Cisneros seminar. The seminar is titled ‘After Landscape: Perspectives and Traces of the Traveler'. In an all-day conference, this seminar will feature lectures by T.J. Demos, Maria Elena Ramos, Rafael Romero, Graciela Silvestri, and Felix Suazo. Departing from analysis of landscape as an art genre, each of these lecturers focus on particular artistic practices and time periods, covering centuries-long scientific expeditions to modern national identity programs to contemporary activism.

In picturing a landscape, what ends are served? What role does landscape play in the act of contemplation, exploration, and evaluation? Why and how could the historical revision and decolonization of landscape be fruitful? Could the experience and exercise of landscape be decolonizing in themselves? This and other questions will be addressed in "After Landscape," the fifth edition of the annual Seminario Fundación Cisneros. This seminar will explore forms of cultural visualization: why, how, by and for whom particular lands have been depicted. Whether considered an art genre or experienced as part of a field expedition, landscape is addressed in this seminar from the perspective of the traveler; of the visitor. The foreigner is also at times not subject but object: a hovering satellite or a flying drone.

As well as Juan Araujo the seminar also includes presentations by artists Dulce Gomez, and Roberto Mata, as well as curators Catalina Lozano, Tahía Rivero and José Roca. Visual artist Carolina Caycedo and musician Luis Julio Toro contribute with new performances.

The seminar will take place on Friday 16 October from 8:30am until 6pm.

Juan Araujo in the fifth edition of the Fundación Cisneros seminar.