Kehinde Wiley in 'Eye to I... 3,000 years of Portraits' at Katonah Museum of Art in New York, USA

Kehinde Wiley's portraits will be amongst works by Pablo Picasso, Cindy Sherman, Chuck Close and others in Eye to I... 3,000 years of Portraits at Katonah Museum of Art in New York.

The Katonah Museum prompts a debate with a provocative and interactive approach to portraiture. Based on the ideas that no two people respond to an artwork the same way, and that any single artwork conveys many meanings, Eye to I explores the countless ways individuals experience imagery. Interpretive copy written by over 100 contributors - from a U.S. poet laureate to a local police officer - offer personal responses to the 60 portraits on display. Interactive video touchscreens offer visitors opportunities to contribute their own observations.

Borrowed primarily from private collections, the range of portraits is exceptional and few have been publicly exhibited. The earliest works include a carved Egyptian bust of Amenhotep III, dating from 1,500 BC, and a marble sculpture of a Roman priest from 125 AD. The exhibition features portraits from Europe, Asia, and South America as well as works by contemporary American artists who create portraits in astounding ways. The artists include Diane Arbus, Chuck Close, John Singleton Copley, Gustave Courbet, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Duane Hanson, Vik Muniz, Alice Neel, Shirin Neshat, Pablo Picasso, Gordon Parks, Cindy Sherman, Auguste Rodin, and Andy Warhol, among many others.

Eye to I... 3,000 years of Portraits runs from 27 October 2013 until 16 February 2014.

Kehinde Wiley at Katonah Museum of Art