Kehinde Wiley: 'Rumors of War' to be unveiled this September in Times Square, New York, USA

American artist Kehinde Wiley is to unveil his first monumental public sculpture, ‘Rumors of War', in Times Square, New York this September. The sculpture will be permanently installed on the historic Arthur Boulevard in Richmond, at the entrance of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (VMFA), Virginia, USA.

Continuing Wiley's investigation of the politics of representation, this monumental bronze is a response to the Confederate sculptures that stand in important locations throughout United States. Sitting astride a huge horse, a young African-American dressed in urban streetwear strikes a pose redolent of traditional equestrian portraiture. The work is intended to "both embrace and subsume the fetishization of state violence" by upending ghe traditional notion of the equestrian portrait, Wiley said. Engaging with the powerful visual rhetoric of warfare and heroism historically used to depict mainly white royals and aristorats, this epic work is a powerful commentary on race, politics and power.

Presented by Times Square Arts, an opening ceremony will be held on 27 September, as well as a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the VMFA in December.

27 September-December 2019