kendell geers and thomas hirschhorn in 'a history, contemporary art from the centre pompidou' at haus der kunst, munich, germany

'A History: Contemporary Art from the Centre Pompidou' provides an overview of contemporary art since the 1980s with 160 works by more than 100 artists, including Kendell Geers and Thomas Hirschhorn.

This presentation of the Centre Pompidou contemporary collections at Haus der Kunst focuses on the altered geography and social landscape of the 1980s, notably the former Eastern Europe, China, Lebanon, and various Middle Eastern countries, India, Africa, and Latin America. The exhibition features Geers' 'Twilight of the Idol I.N.R.I'.

This is the first time such a large-scale view of the Centre Pompidou collection has been presented outside France.

'A History: Contemporary Art from the Centre Pompidou' runs from 25 March until 4 September 2016.

Kendell Geers and Thomas Hirschhorn at Haus der Kunst.