Kendell Geers in 'Football: At the Limit of Offside' at Musée d'Aquitaine, Bordeaux, France

Kendell Geers' installation ‘Dirty Balls', 2002-2006, is included in this group exhibition which marks the occasion of the Euro 2016 football tournament. Musée d'Aquitaine presents ‘Football: at the limit of offside' to explore the impact of the world's most popular sport. Now a global phenomenon, this exhibition will focus on the economic, social and cultural relevance of football. The exhibition will feature European artists alongside some local Bordeaux artists who will address the football's influence through a series of themes such as identity, globalisation, performance, human encounters, values and the excesses of wealth in football. In Kendell Geers' ‘Dirty Balls' a net stuffed with smiling mask-heads and footballs hangs from the ceiling. Displayed at eye level the installation invites the viewer to walk around the net and inspect the catch, as would a fisherman weighing up their haul for the day.

The exhibition runs from 9 June until 30 October 2016.

Kendell Geers at Musée d'Aquitaine.