Kendell Geers in Solo Exhibition at Chateau Blandy, Les Tours, France

Stephen Friedman Gallery is pleased to announce that gallery artist Kendell Geers is holding a solo exhibition at the Chateau Blandy-les-Tours, France, entitled The Marriage of Heaven and Hell.  This exhibition echoes the title of the collected poems by William Blake. In addition, Geers explores the physical power and historical past of the Chateau, and how the experience of place and time has influenced his work.  

Kendell states "The long history of wars, struggles, conflicts and battles which Blandy has witnessed through the ages is the key that opens the doors to his perception. As the torn pages of a fairy tale or a figure derived from a blade of tarot, the castle is the embodiment of an ancient archetype, an imaginary reality in which dragons, unicorns, knights and maidens in distress come alive in the depths of our collective unconscious. Bringing together works made over the past 20 years until today, I seize this opportunity, or lightly or too seriously, to celebrate the marriage of alchemical contradictory 'Heaven and Hell.'

30 June - 21 October 2012

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Chateaux Blandy-les-Tours
Place des Tours
77115 Blandy