Kendell Geers: ‘The Second Coming (Do What Thou Wilt)' takes place at Rua Red, Dublin, Ireland

The Second Coming (Do What Thou Wilt) is a solo exhibition by South-African artist Kendell Geers on view at Rua Red, Dublin. Inspired by the work of W.B. Yeats, the exhibition is formulated as a response to the celebrated poem ‘The Second Coming' (1919), which describes the approach of apocalyptic revelation.

Adapting Yeats' theory of history as a fixed structure where violent upheavals occur at regular intervals, the exhibition foresees the resurgence of the infamous Irish Hell Fire Club. Located close to Mount Pelier Hill where the Club once met (1735-1741), the exhibition anticipates the return of the occult practices and demonic manifestations which have become part of local legend.

Please click here to listen to Rua Red Director Maoliosa Boyle, in conversation with Kendell Geers and curator Sylwia Serafinowicz of non profit organsiation a/ political, in the run up to the exhibition. 

15 June-16 August 2019

Kendell Geers at Rua Red