Kendell Geers will feature in Giudecca Art District’s Flagship Exhibition during this year's Venice Biennale.

Kendell Geers' site specific installation, ‘Petals of Blood' is included in the display, ‘Take Care of Your Garden. Cultivating a New Humanism', at the Boatyard's Entrance of the Giudecca Art District.

Curated by Valentina Gioia Levy and Pier Paolo Scelsi, the project consists of a varied program of temporary curatorial projects, performances, talks, video projections, and outdoor installations. The title of the project, which is drawn from Voltaire's Candide, suggests human efforts to manage relationships with oneself and others, in today's hyper-globalised world. The exhibition asks, as Professor Pangloss does in Candide, whether we are really living in ‘the best of all possible world', and whether art might help us to build a better one.

In recent years, artisans' studios and ateliers began popping up on the residential island of Giudecca, and it has become something of a hub for contemporary art. The island hosted Marina Abramović's first performance in 1976, Damien Hirst's debut Venice show and Ai Weiwei's 2013 Biennale survey at Zuecca Project Space.

During the 2019 Venice Biennale this May, the island of Guidecca will be launched as Venice's first ‘permanent art district'. Led by Venetian directors Paolo Scelsi and Valentina Gioia Levy, the Giudecca Art District will encompass 11 art galleries in addition to the national pavilions of Iceland, Estonia and Nigeria during the Biennale. Over 60 artists will take part in 20 inaugurating exhibitions in the District over this period. A site-specific work by Kendell Geers will be situated in one of the District's outdoor spaces.

9 May-8 September 2019

Kendell Geers at Giudecca Art District