Lisa Brice in 'Making & Unmaking: An Exhibition Curated by Duro Olowu

19 June 2016
'Making & Unmaking', curated by the fashion designer Duro Olowu (b. 1965, Lagos), is part of a series of artist-selected shows at Camden Arts Centre. In the clothes he makes as well as the exhibitions he has curated, Olowu combines antique textiles with his own fabric designs, bringing together discordant colours and patterns alongside disparate cultural forms.

For this exhibition Olowu draws together over 70 artists from around the world spanning this century and the last, to fill the three gallery spaces of Camden Arts Centre. This eclectic collage of works, some of which have strong political undercurrents, addresses issues surrounding cultural identity, sexuality and the representation of the body.

19 June - 19 September 2016

Lisa Brice at Camden Arts Centre