Mamma Andersson in, 'In Case We Don't Die' at Torrance Art Museum', California, USA

30 March 2013
Gallery artist Mamma Andersson is to feature in the upcoming group exhibition 'In Case We Don't Die' at The Torrance Art Museum in California.

The exhibition, curated by Bibi Katholm, also feature:
Andreas Emenius (SE)
Jacob Kirkegaard (DK)
Devin Troy Strother (US)
Paco Pomet (US)
Mie Olise (DK)
Ida Kvetny (DK)
Theis Wendt (DK)
Asger Carlsen(US)
Bibi Katholm (DK)
Monique Prieto (US)
Christine Gray (US)
Frohawk Two Feathers (US)
Chris Natrop (US)
Per Hüttner (SE)
Troels Carlsen (DK)
Mai Hofstad Gunnes (NO)

The exhibition runs from 30 March to 18 May 2013.

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