Melvin Edwards: 'Crossroads' at Baltimore Museum of Art, Maryland, USA

Crossroads is a solo exhibition by Melvin Edwards at Baltimore Museum of Art, Maryland. The exhibition charts Edwards' engagement with Africa and highlights the importance of the continent to the development of American art.

Edwards, who is descended from a West African blacksmith, has been exploring his African roots since the early 1970s. After attending a major arts festival in Lagos, Nigeria in 1977, his work became increasingly connected to African art and culture. Edwards has made ties with many African countries including Nigeria, Ghana, Zimbabwe and has had a home in Senegal for nearly 20 years.

Crossroads presents 18 works from the artist's celebrated 'Lynch Fragments' series alongside a selection of larger sculpture and the room-size installation 'Agricole'. By exhibiting works from 1980 to the present day, the exhibition documents Edwards' travels within the continent and explores the wider social and cultural history of the period.

Crossroads is curated by Christopher Bedford, BMA Dorothy Wagner Wallis Director and Katy Siegel, BMA Senior Programing and Research Curator and Thaw Chair at Stony Brook University.

29 September 2019-12 January 2020

Melvin Edwards at Baltimore Museum of Art