Melvin Edwards in 'Generations: A History of Black Abstract Art' at Baltimore Museum of Art, Maryland, USA

Generations: A History of Black Abstract Art is a group exhibition at Baltimore Museum of Art, Maryland, presented in collaboration with Helis Foundation, Louisiana and Ogden Museum of Southern Art, Louisiana. The exhibition offers a new perspective on the contribution made by black artists to visual art since the 1940s.

The central theme of the exhibition is the power of abstract art as a political as well as a personal choice for black artists of the postwar generation. For these artists, abstraction provided a form of resistance to the imagery of racist mainstream culture, whilst offering an alternative to prescribed, positive representations of black Americans.

The exhibition was curated by Christopher Bedford, BMA Dorothy Wagner Wallis Director, and Katy Siegel, BMA Senior Research Curator and Thaw Chair at Stony Brook University.

29 September 2019-19 January 2020

Melvin Edwards at Baltimore Museum of Art