Paul McDevitt in solo project, 'Hunker Down' at Peter Scott Gallery, UK

'Hunker Down' sees Berlin based artist Paul McDevitt utilise the Peter Scott Gallery as a provisional one-man publishing house. Initially conceived as a response to Lancaster University's absence of an academic publishing house, Hunker Down is the umbrella under which a variety of printed matter is being realised in response to different aspects of the university campus and Lancaster itself. The whole project is an enquiry into aspects of DIY publishing, issues of self-reliance, communication, and improvisation. Several of the projects expand on McDevitt's long established interests in collaboration by involving other artists, musicians and academics.

The whole project, which will consist of several hundred new images, in book form, posters, or limited edition screen prints, consists entirely of new work. Exhibited works range in scale from postcards to a full-sized billboard print vertically spanning the height of the gallery. Hunker Down looks at different issues concerning underground publishing and art production in general, from questions of originality and authenticity, facsimile and mass production, fidelity and surface noise. The presentation of work in Hunker Down attempts to reflect the energy and sense of dialogue inherent within the individual projects.

The exhibition runs from 28 January - 21 March 2015.

Paul McDevitt at Peter Scott Gallery, Lancaster University, UK.