Rivane Neuenschwander in 'After Babel' at Moderna Museet, Stockholm, Sweden

'After Babel' is a major group show about the many languages that form part of contemporary art. Curated by Daniel Birnbaum and Ann-Sofi Noring, the common denominator for the participating artists is that they build bridges between different languages and continents. Rivane Neuenschwander's film work 'Sunday' is included in the exhibition. Filmed in a domestic environment, a parrot is studied as he sits on a perch. The background noise reveals a sports commentary on the radio while the camera observes the parrot pecking at seeds in his cage. The seeds are printed with punctuation marks and as the parrot eats from the tray the commentator seemingly appears to lose his own punctuation as his commentary unravels into a cacophonic jumble of spoken words. The sports commentary is taken from the 2002 German - Brazil World Cup Final and loosely translates some of the artist's own diasporic experience of moving back and forth between her native Brazil and Europe.