Rivane Neuenschwander in EAV Parque Lage Crossroads program, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The inaugural exhibition of the EAV Parque Lage Crossroads program is curated by Bernardo Mosqueira (assistant curator at Ulysses Carrilho) and comprises of one hundred and fifteen works by seventy-four artists, including gallery artist Rivane Neuenschwander. The exhibition is split between the Palace, Pool and Terrace, the stables, the Chapel plus the gardens and forest.

The works are organized around six core themes relating to the physical space of the crossroads - where political demonstrations take place, the carnival, flirting, the trans-gender movement and voodoo

During the exhibition period, there will be a weekly schedule of performances, meetings and conversations. The exhibition runs from 29 April to 2 June 2015.

EAV Parque Lage website