Stephan Balkenhol at St Elizabeth's Church, Kassel, Germany

3 June 2012
Alongside existing works, gallery artist Stephan Balkenhol will be pre­­sent­ing seven new works in the Church of St Elisabeth at the in­­vi­tation of the Diocese of Fulda and the Kassel ­Catholic Church. These works comprise large format wooden ­reliefs for the nave, a female figure for the chapel tower, as well as a male figure on a Golden Sphere for high up in the bell tower.

This ­exhibition will enrich the ­large-scale summer event in Kassel, which transforms the city into a Mecca for the art world every five years, by pro­viding an additional attraction with great public appeal. At the same time, this exhibition deals with palpable themes, such as pain, death and love, which combine with deeper meaning and perception and thus reestablish art's old connection to Christian attributes of the cross and benediction.

Stephan Balkenhol can be seen as one of the most significant figurative sculptors of our time. Understated humans or animals represent a contemporary archetype. Later displays included architectural elements. Balkenhol's works also contain references to the Middle Ages and to the wooden sculpture traditions of the Nordic Renaissance. The sculptures make use of such materials as wawa wood, poplar and Douglas spruce.

The work will be exhibited from 6 June - 18 September 2012.

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