Stephan Balkenhol in 'Inventory Vol 5.' at Frac Haute, Normandie, France

19 September 2015
Sculptor Stephan Balkenhol is in the group exhibition ‘Inventory Vol.5: Acquisitions from 1992 to 1996' at FRAC Haute-Normandie in France.

'Inventory' brings together works acquired during the period 1992-1996, with visitors are invited to experience FRAC's collection in a chronological and linear context rather than thematically. During this period the collection was under the direction of Alexandra Midal and the exhibition looks at her relationship with artists such as Franck Scurti, Stephen Willats, Ken Lum and Stephan Balkenhol, artists who reflected a new aesthetic and marked a generation of artists who broke with some of the conventions of the previous decade.

The exhibition runs from 19 September until 6 December 2015.

Stephan Balkenhol at FRAC